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Shining Star Reads

A community-based reading programme by BLESS to improve literacy outcomes and engagement levels of children from lower-income families.

Shining Star Reads is held at the void decks of rental blocks to bring learning opportunities closer to homes. Children between ages 4 to 9, would congregate together at their void deck and volunteers from the community would read to them. Many of these children have minimal exposure to English and often require assistance on picking up the basics.

The BLESS model

BLESS takes a community-centric approach that puts children as the centre of Shining Star Reads’ reading activities, with its core focus on helping the children to learn how to read rather than to read to gain more knowledge. We also reach out to individuals residing in the vicinity of the rental blocks, to engage volunteers who would like to serve alongside us and strengthen community ownership and capacity. 

The service delivery model brings learning opportunities closer to the homes of the less privileged, thus increasing accessibility of the literacy programme. Further enhancing their learning is Shining Star Read’s curated curriculum to suit the differing needs of the children. There are 4 reading levels with age- and ability-suited activities and learning goals.

Holistic Learning Opportunities

Interspersed between several reading sessions are creative sessions, where the children are encouraged to practise imagination to create their own stories using the materials given, or facilitated to write cards for their families and friends! Events such as Children’s Day will usually be filled with fun games or workshops, such as Terrarium Making in 2018.

Every school holiday, we also have outings planned for the children and their families to attend. These include to events such as symphony orchestral concert, or visit landmarks such as SEA Aquarium or Gardens By The Bay, which not only lets them partake in Singapore’s offerings but also bring their learning to life – some stories they read are written locally.

Check out this page for more detailed information on Shining Star Reads.