Who are we?

A stop-check


The last three years have been a really exciting journey for BLESS. Since our launch in 2014, we have been making significant impact in the community with the strong support from the stakeholders.


In our recent cycle of Small Soul Blessings, we have expanded our beneficiaries to include the elderly. Of which, we blessed the seniors from Kampung Kapoor Family Service Centre with quad sticks and walking frames. As of today, a total of $34,106.75 has been collected through our online portal and we have blessed 5,030 children. We have also done cost savings of $41, 351.73 through bulk purchase.


Shining Star Reads started with just four volunteers, a mat and borrowed books at Clementi Ave 2. And today, with the support from South West Community Development Council, we have grown from a humble 4 volunteers to 4 reading groups. Change cannot happen alone. As we all know, it takes a village to raise a child. I am indeed very grateful for the strong support we have from the community.


In life, there are only two things, which people cannot take away from us – our knowledge and our character. I have always believed that teaching values is as important as teaching any subjects. With support from South West Community Development Council, we piloted VIP in three schools and the response has been positive. With more teachers coming on board, we have a refreshed VIP framework to inculcate values in our children.


BLESS started off with a group of university students wanting to plug the gaps we see in the community. Though we have little, we give in our best in all that we do and that led us to achieving many milestones today. I hope that our beneficiaries and volunteers will take away the attitude we live by and to live out the spirit of excellence, no matter what life circumstances they are in.


Francesca Phoebe Wah
Chairperson of BLESS


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