BLESS Third Year Anniversary Celebration

Last Thursday, on the 7th of December, there was a large gathering with much laughter and fun (with game booths for the children!)  as BLESS celebrated its 3rd anniversary. Time really does fly, doesn’t it? The event was graced by Ms Low Yen Ling, who supported BLESS through its 1st and 2nd anniversary as well. We were very happy and grateful to have her back with us for this joyous occasion!


We looked back with gratitude over our past year and particularly, celebrated the graduation of our children from Shining Star Reads, who successfully completed the reading programme. Their talents and efforts were the highlights of the night, with the children putting on readers’ theatre performances which showcased their reading skills and hard work put into the preparation of their performances, with one put up by each reading group. Students from Xingnan Primary School gently guidedthe children, assisting with narration of the storylines. Thank you, all of you,


Most notably, 10-year-old Gabriel, whograduated from the reading programme last year, took to the stage to receive a certificate of appreciation for volunteering with Shining Star Reads since his completion of the programme. He shared some of his thoughts and his takeaways from his journey thus far. His brother Lewis is also following his footsteps to become a volunteer and help with the reading of stories to the children under the programme. CG managers Shamini and Yan Xi also shared some of their experiences and heartfelt thoughts about journeying with Shining Star Reads as volunteers.


Hearing from our children and volunteers was extremely heartwarming for all those who were present. We couldn’t be more proud and grateful to be journeying together with everyone; our children, our volunteers and of course, our benefactors, who all contribute, in the ways they can, towards giving and supporting those who could do with a helping hand.

Ann-Marie Ng


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